Saturday, 24 November 2012

Blue Moon

Hello there lovely's! Hope all is well. This was my Outfit of the Day Yesterday after a very very long day but all is well. You may notice there's and addition to the photos, my little Eeyore <3 One little thing about me is i'm obsessed with Disney, have all the dvd's and could spend a lifetime at the store. its my little piece of Heaven! 

Well onto the outfit! ... i wore two jackets because it is way too cold to go out with just the one!
Black denim Jacket - Charity Shop and D.I.Y
Blue denim Jacket - Ebay 
Dress - Charity/ Thrift store
Beanie - D.I.Y (as seen in my last post)
Shoes - Converse and Watch - Casio



  1. Thank you pretty! I like your blue dress
    Would you like if we follow each other?

  2. Thank You!! Sure thing love :) Xxxx

  3. outfit, your dress is beautiful! Love the beanie, and the black denim jacket, you look really cute! Great blog! I'd love if you checked out my blog, and if you like it, can we follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin’? I promise I’ll follow you back <3


    "Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

  4. Wow you have done a great work with that DIY in your beanie! Awesome idea <3

  5. Hi! I love your blog and I love the DIY beanie. Please see my blog also put things DIY and I hope you like it.
    I follow you :3

  6. Love your blog and your pics! How'd you like to visit my blog too and if you like we could follow one another and keep in touch?