Sunday, 11 March 2012



International Women's Day has been going on since in the early 1900's and is celebrated on the 8th of March.
To celebrate this occasion we went to a youth centre in Camden where there were different section to treat yourself such as getting your nails done, henna, massages and get your free make up done as well as self defence, street dance and FREE FOOD!

 There was also a section where you could make your own body lotions and scrub.these are few pictures of the one I made and scented with lavender which I drenched in but smelt lovely.

 The make-up sessions were provided by The Glam Collective making sure we all looked amazing!

 Happy Women's international day ...... and to finish this off here are clips of my friend Loresa singing!!


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Spring Time!

I am loving this weather now I can feel it get warmer everyday which is getting me even more excited for summer and would finally mean i can get my summer clothes out!!
However it still is a bit chilly outside but I was in a spring mood and got my floral prints out!

The Lace cotton top is from Topshop,
The Floral skirt is from H&M,
And the earrings which are very special I got  from Michal Negris when I was on holiday and I will post the link at the bottom as you have to have a look. The jewellery pieces are very special and colourful and I just love it.