Saturday, 24 November 2012

Blue Moon

Hello there lovely's! Hope all is well. This was my Outfit of the Day Yesterday after a very very long day but all is well. You may notice there's and addition to the photos, my little Eeyore <3 One little thing about me is i'm obsessed with Disney, have all the dvd's and could spend a lifetime at the store. its my little piece of Heaven! 

Well onto the outfit! ... i wore two jackets because it is way too cold to go out with just the one!
Black denim Jacket - Charity Shop and D.I.Y
Blue denim Jacket - Ebay 
Dress - Charity/ Thrift store
Beanie - D.I.Y (as seen in my last post)
Shoes - Converse and Watch - Casio


Thursday, 22 November 2012

D.I.Y. Studs In Your Head.

Studs In Your Head.

Whoo!! Another D.I.Y is here. This time its a very simple one and very easy to do!! 

Simply get the beanie of your choice and a pack of studs. The ones i got have 2 spikes at the end which all you do is bend over. The spikes i used were at a medium height so weren't the largest but you could get any of your choice. 

First step is Simply fold the end of your beanie to how long you want it. 

Using the side of a knife, i slide the spikes down. This could be the tricky bit as there's not much to hold on and can hurt your hands after a while but is totally worth it! 

When placing down your first spike be aware that there is a part of the beanie which is thicker, this is where the stitching meets. Its best to put your first spike near this part of the beanie as when you get to your last stud the sizing will be a little bit bigger than the rest, but don't worry! You don't notice this once its on your head :) 

 For the sizing in between each stud can be shorter or longer, its your choice! However what i think is best is just use your thumb as a measuring tool, you can never go wrong with that!

And There you go your lovely studded beanie!! In perfect timing for the Trend! It's also lovely for wallet as it doesn't cost much!

I got The beanie in Camden for a Fiver! but i did haggle with the price as he originally wanted 10 pounds!!

For the studs i purchased them at ...

Love Mai Xxx

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Wrap Me In Your Arms <3

Hey Hunnies :) As i write this i'm snugged up in my bed whilst the rain pours outside and the wind hits my window. How i love to be home! The weather is horrible lately but the bright side does arrive as i can now bring out my Winter wardrobe, oh how i've missed it. My coats have been lonely as of late :(

One major trend i've seen come back is the fur waistcoats, people have been whipping theirs out left, right and center and are looking amazing. I manged to snag mine up last year and have been loving it ever since, especially the suede pockets which help to keep my hands warm. Unfortunately a few of the shirt buttons were missing :( but all that needs is a little bit of TLC and luckily the necklace cover it. Oh and do mind my shiny nose, will be doing a face mask tonight ^.^

Waistcoat - Rocket Vintage store
Jumper - Beyond Retro
Shirt - Charity shop/Thrift Store
Leggings - H&M
Cowboy Boots - Office
Necklace - Topshop
Headband - H&M

Thank You for stopping by! :) Xxx