Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Mr Rumba!!

Friday Night meaning only one thing - Party Time!!

Originally meaning to go one club but ending up going to another!!

My Friend wore: Dress - Primark, Tights - Primark, earings - Present

Me : Dress - this little shop hidden in the west end (don't know the name) , Shoes - Primark, Earings - Present, Jacket - Ebay

Friday, 27 July 2012

Olympic 2012

London Olympics 2012

Just 2 days before the big day i had the privilege of attending the rehearsal for the Opening Ceremony!! Eeeek Very exciting!! Fist of all the day was very hot but luckily got cooler as the day went along. However the most annoying thing that i did...... i didn't bring my camera because silly me thought we weren't allowed to :( , so i had to use my ipod and phone which did get some good pictures. The amount of people there on the day is crazy!! one reason why i wont be traveling a lot the next 16 days! 

At all Honesty as i sat down i didn't have high expectations especially after that amazing night in Beijing ... and this thought didn't disappear for the first part of the show!! There was just this lonely cottage in the middle of the arena when suddenly village people start appearing playing football, fishing going on as if this is normal with cows, sheep and all farm animals roaming around the field.
As time past the whole theme of the night hit me. This was olden time England with hoarse and carriages, men in top hats and suits.

With the promise of a loud and exciting night this finally came true with the big tree popping out with lots and lots of men walking out. Then suddenly the whole structure gets changed with the removal of the cottage and fields and now the mine towers popping out all this work to reveal the Olympic Logo. Finally the night gets exciting!! :)

The whole night was very exciting and felt very theatrical, at some point i actually thought i was in Butlins!! ( a holiday place in England which is for families and children) I thought overall the night was good and Dany Boyle had done good however when you start comparing it to Beijing it may not be as refined and breathtaking but still this is Britain and i felt very proud to be British!! There were some points of the night that were kept secret from us to be revealed this Friday!! Which also meant i wasn't allowed to post these pictures up until the big day to #savethesurprise XD

Now the night has been revealed! How did you guys find it??  xxx